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We Bengalis are known for our love for food, it is said “Bengalis don’t eat to live..they live to eat.” I myself have traveled to almost every part of the country and many other countries too but I have never seen another place where they have so many varieties when it comes to eating. It is also said “You’ll never find a cow or any other cattle around a Bengali household as they consume each and every part of the tree be it the fruits, vegetables, leaves, roots, stem or trunks. Be it vegetarian delights or Non vegetarian delicacies, Bengali cuisine has it all. So read more for an exotic journey with fishes, prawns, ducks, mutton, chicken, lots of vegetables and kolkatar Rosogolla n Mishti Doi.


I assume understanding these facts that I have mentioned above, Chef Ashwani Kumar Singh of The Leela Ambaince Convention Hotel, delhi included Kolkata Food Festival as the showstopper of their Grand Trunk Culinary Journey that they hosted at their Dilli 32  restaurant which started from Amritsar, Delhi, Varanasi and now finally reaching Kolkata and will be ending on a sweet Mishti note …..

This is Mamta my Vegetarian Half ….

If you are a Bong(Bengali), Probashi Bangali(Bengalis staying outside Kolkata) or a non Bengali(If you are not a Bengali) you would simply love this food festival and you will get mesmerized the moment you enter as they have designed The City of Joy here with some iconic monuments and stuff that’s totally synonymous to Kolkata. So get ready to get clicked in front of the Howrah Bridge or the Kolkata Tram or Tana rickshaw or Cha wala.

This is me…The Blogger

Taking about food, make sure you skip your breakfast and lunch if you are intending to visit for a dinner here as they have probably more than a hundred items to offer you, here’s a list of items that you can expect:


  • Fuchka, Jhal moori, Ghugni, Cha, Lebu cha, Gondhoraj Ghol….

  • Variety of chop, cutlets, kobiraji, bhaja, singara with mutton, chciken, fish, prawns, vegetables etc….

  • IMG_0608.JPG
  • Moglai porota and koltata rolls with chicken, mutton, fish, prawns, eggs, duck eggs etc….

  • Koraishutir kochuri, Luchi, Porota, Ruti, Bhaat, Khichuri….

  • Sukto, Seem sorshe, Lau chingri, Aloo posto, Chorchori, Echor, Dhokar dalna, Chanar kofta, Moong Musoor dal, Gondho lebu, Begun bhaja n more….

  • Bhetki Paturi, Kochu pata chingri, Pabda jhal, Golda chingri Malaikari, Murighonto, Machher kalia, Machher jhol and more….

  • IMG_0615.JPG
  • Mutton rezala, Mutton Chaamp, Kolkata Biriyani,

  • Kuler chutney, Tomato chutney, Pineapple chutney, Aamer ombol n more…

Last but not the least, Bengalis are known for their sweet tooth and the famous kolakatar rosogolla and Mishti doi so here’s the sweets menu:

  • Sitabhog

  • Mihidana

  • Pithe

  • Malpua

  • Chamcham

  • Sondesh

  • Nolen gurer Rosogolla

  • Pantua

  • Nolen gurer payesh

  • Nolen gurer Phirni

  • Mishti Doi

  • Mishti Paan


They even have organised live musical evenings and story telling during weekends after all Gaan Bajna Golpo kotha Adda are Bengali’s love after food….
So that’s all or should I say “O Maa that’s a lot” do take a pouch of Eno or Gelusil with you, Bengali’s can’t live without these and Borolene …..

Cost:  INR 1532 per Adult, Free for children below 12 years of age
Date and time: 31st March to 16th April only for Dinner
Venue: Leela Ambience and Convention Hotel, Vivek Vihar, Delhi
Reservation number: 011 33106486

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