Punjabi khana with twist – Punjab Grill Tappa


Selecting a restaurant to eat at cyber hub is one of the most difficult choices as there are about 50 amazing restaurants to choose from. So I apply a simple rule to try a new restaurant every time I visit and try different cuisines and dishes each time.So this time while walking around I spotted this place, Punjab Grill Tappa and immediately recalled how amazing Punjab Grill at Saket select city used to be since the beginning. So decided to give this place a try, and we were immediately offered a nice table by their manager and also some nice happy hours was going on.

Before I start writing any further I would first like to thank and compliment Chef Gurpreet Singh and his team, their work and passion I could taste with every bite I had, be it taste quality, quantity or presentation.

We started our evening with Tappa Bhaang Thandai – it was a perfectly made Lassi and tasted like Bhaang but with no bhaang. Then we ordered a few Cocktails, each one of them was made so amazingly, they were smooth yet strong enough to make us happy and high. They were:


  • With the family – Absolut vodka based with fresh melon, plum, passion fruit syrup and sweet chili sauce

  • That French Crush – Cognac based with orange liqueur, ginger, mint, honey and tea

  • Birmingham Chachi – A gin based Martini with saffron, cinnamon, lime, coriander

  • Patiala Sour – First Love – Ballantine’s whisky based with tamarind jaggery lime, cumin

In food we had quite a few things, me and my friend who accompanied me were strictly non vegetarians and kind of allergic to vegetarian food so we stuck to non vegetarian items only.

  • Lime rubbed Tawa prawns – The prawns were huge in size and cooked so well.

  • Tandoori Norwegian Salmon – Big fleshy sizes of salmon marinated in dill and saffron and grilled

  • Non – dairy green herb marinated Chicken tikka – No curd cheese or butter added, cooked with almond milk – it was so well cooked.

  • Haleem Suey – Mid eastern haleem met Thailands Khao suey – it was an incredible amalgamation of two rich flavours.

  • Pan grilled Red Snapper fillet – marinated with tamarind – it was really great.

They do have a great variety of vegetarian items too in the menu worth trying.

I am big desert lover and I always keep a good appetite for my deserts. On entering only I checked they have some amazing desserts in the menu so it was the time for the desserts.


  • Jalebi Churros with Cinnamon sugar and Malai Rabri – Orgasmic and heavenly

  • Tappa Mess – It had falooda with ice cream and lots of other flavours

I really loved seating in their outside open area as it the weather was in our favour. Last but not the least, they play some nice soothing music, mostly english classics. Overall, an amazing place to visit with friends family or office colleagues for a delectable meal.

Some facts: Punjab Grill Tappa is owned and managed by one of the reputed brands who also owns Dabur group and has a large numbers of restaurants in india and abroad. They also manage other famous restaurant chains like Fresco, Zambar, Asia Seven, Baker Street, The Artful Baker and many more.

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