Mishti Doi / Bhapa Doi

4 ingredients Mishti Doi / Bhapa Doi in 3 steps


Mishti doi is everyone’s favourite when it comes to Bengali sweets, but it’s really difficult to get, specially for us who that stay outside Bengal. So the easiest way to enjoy this delicacy is to make it at home that’s too with only 4 ingredients. This can also be called a Bhapa Doi / Baked Yogurt.

I am extremely lazy to do anything but I don’t mind doing research online so I read about 100 recipes watched a lot of YouTube videos and successfully created my own recipe to make the easiest 3 steps Mishti Doi / Bhapa Doi successfully.


Condensed milk: 400 grams – I used 1 tin milkmaid
Curd / Yogurt: 400 grams – I used the Mother dairy Dahi tub
Cornflour: 1 tablespoon
Patali Gur / Date jaggery: 100 grams crushed (Optional) or Caramelised sugar for brown colour


Step 1: Whisk together condensed milk, Yogurt, Cornflour and crushed Gur or camamelised sugar in a large bowl. I used my hand blender on medium speed for 5 minutes. Don’t alow to much bubbles to form while blending.

Step 2: Pour the above mixture in small microwave bowls or 1 microwaveable large bowl and Micro on high for 1 to 1.5 minutes. If you are making in large bowl it might need 1.5 to 2 minutes.
Step 3: Refrigerate for couple of hours and serve chilled.

Your Mishti Doi is ready, in 3 easy steps and with 4 easily available ingredients. 

*Hope you know how to caramelise sugar, if you dont then just add 2 tablespoon sugar on a burning hot tawa or fry pan on gas stove and add few drops water. It will start changing colour and browning will happen. Immediately remove from the gas and your caramelised sugar is ready.

*For garnishing I have used rose petals, you can use dry fruits or anything else as per preferences.


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